If you have never before had one of these ice making machines in your hands and you do not know which ice machine to buy , because you do not understand its operation very well, we will give you the guidelines you need to buy ice machines and ultimately, Know which of them is the best and which adapt to your needs. When buying ice machines, check the following options:


When buying ice machines we must consider what type of machine we want to buy. There are two main types, industrial ice machines , capable of making ice in large volumes, and portable ice machines that allow us to make ice in our home.


When buying machines to make ice cubes it is very important to look at the power of the machine. Many machines ice cubes that you will find on sale, with very different powers, but if you’re looking for the best machine for ice making, we recommend choosing only those whose power is between 80 W and 200 W. You of knowing that, the greater the power of the ice machine, the faster the ice making will be, but also more electricity will be consumed to carry out its task.

Capacity of the reservoir:

Another important aspect that we should look at when buying machines to make ice cubes at home is the capacity of your deposit. A tank of 2 liters of water capacity will allow us to manufacture between 10 and 15 kilograms of ice in 24 hours.

Ice cubes size:

Although all domestic ice machines seem similar to the naked eye , not all of them have the same power nor are they capable of making ice cubes of the same quality. As much as possible, check the size of the ice cubes that the machine can make. Some models can manufacture up to two different sizes of ice cubes.


When buying ice machines, you have to take into account the dimensions or measures of this appliance. Industrial ice machines usually have large dimensions, similar to those of a freezer or other household appliance. In contrast, domestic ice cubes can be placed anywhere, thanks to their small size.

Noise level:

It is inevitable that during the process of making ice cubes these machines make noise, although this will not be superior to that produced by a fan or other household electrical appliance. If you are looking for a machine to make silent ice, check whether the noise level measured in decibels (dB) is indicated in its technical specifications.


Before or after you will have to clean your new machine to make ice at home. If you do not want it to become a tedious job, choose those models whose manufacturing materials are easy to clean and whose machine is removable.


The price will be that factor that will finally tell us which ice maker to buy for our home. Depending on the capacity and power of the ice maker, its price will depend, but the brand may also influence this parameter. Before making the decision to buy a certain ice machine, we recommend that you analyze several options and opt for the one that inspires you the most.