Earlier companies used to focus on those large ice makers which are only use in bars and restaurant but now the trend has changes and they start focusing on machines which can use in homes as well. In this regards, Scotsman brilliance sonic ice maker leads the way. They start producing high quality ice makers which can be use domestically.

It has a lot of features which makes it the best option for home usage. It is easy to use, can produce high quality ice, high production and storage capacity. All these feature added up to makes the best amongst all.

Product 1 Product 1 Scotsman SCN60GA-1SS
  • Brand name:Scotsman
  • Item weight:129 lbs
  • Product dimensions:14.88x22.75x33.88 inches
  • Special features:Reversible door
  • Color:Silver
  • Installation type :Built in /free standing
  • Capacity:80lbs
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  • Brand name:Scotsman
  • Item weight:100 pounds
  • Product dimensions:22×14.9×34.4
  • Special features:Water quality sensor
  • Color:Silver
  • Installation type :Built in/free standing
  • Capacity:Up to 65lbs
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Overview Scotsman Brilliance Sonic Ice Machine

If you are using medium size ice makers which do not fulfil your needs then try this Scotsman brilliance ice maker as it is the best option for you. It has large production capacity, producing high quality ice, compact design and easy to use. All these feature makes it a perfect product for home usage.

It is the best under counter ice maker which gives you the luxury the customise it according to your needs and requirements. It has stylish and beautiful design which attracts all. This scotsman brilliance machine has a large production capacity i.e 80 lbs which is sufficient for a big size family or even use it in restaurant.

Tis under counter ice maker produces best sonic ice which is easy to chew and crumble in your mouth quiet easily. You can use it in your drinks, cocktail, margarita etc.

It can be use as standalone unit as well as under counter. Be aware when you installing it as under counter. Take care of its dimensions and make sure whether it fit in to your under counter. This Scotsman brilliance ice making machine comes with its own drain pump. So, if you have no floor drain nearby then no need to worry for that. You can drain it in to the sink with the help of drain pump quiet easily

If  you have the facility of floor drain then for that there is another model of Scotsman( gravity drain model) which don’t have the built in pump but almost 500 dollars cheaper than this Scotsman brilliance.

Almost every model of Scotsman needs plumbing installation. You can set it up on your own but it is better to have an expert around. It takes a while to setup because you need to connect a waterline and a drain hose. After setting it up it is easy and safe to use.

Ice making ability

This Scotsman brilliance ice maker is known as the giant in ice maker market. It can produce sufficient amount of ice that can easily fulfil the needs of big family. It can produce up to 80 lbs ice in a single day. Its storage bin capacity is 26 lbs which is more than enough to satisfy the needs of a family.

This ice maker has sensor which stops automatically when the bin is full. When you pull out of ice it will start functioning again which ensures you have continuous supply of ice. Be careful, don’t let the ice too long in the storage bin because it may melts as this is not a refrigerator. So make sure  produce ice only when you needed it.

One other thing, temperature can also affects its production capacity. Try to keep it under the shades if you set it up externally.

Ice quality

The quality if ice is directly depends upon the water you use. If you use hard water then the quality of  ice will be low. Always try to use pure and clean water to get high quality ice. For that matters you should use water filter if needed.

Hard water contains minerals which can affects machine’s process and ultimately it reduces the life span of the ice maker. Therefore it is recommended that to use filter for better results. This ice maker produce ice which has same texture as sonic ice. You can use it in your drinks, cocktail etc. You will get same size and shape by this under counter ice maker but when ice melts it may produce little different sizes ice.

Ease of use

You can install it on your own but it will takes a while then. It better to install by an expert in order to save your time. It is very easy to use. All you have to do is set up the drainage system and fit a filter if needed. After that plug in the machine and here we go your ice maker is ready to use.

This Scotsman brilliance has LED indicator control panel panel which gives you all the information about when the needed to be cleaned, when there is no water and when machine is in use.

Other than that there are two buttons on the machine panel. One is for on/off and other when is for clean. To get better result and for maintenance purpose cleans the machines at least two times in a year. If you use hard water then clean the machine regularly. It will also increase the life a ice maker.

 What others say

The Scotsman brilliance has positive feedback from customers. People who used this machine rated it very high. It has all the features of good ice maker. Customers are pleased with its ice making capacity, soft and chewable ice and easy and safe to use is the machine.

Those who have used it never complaint about it any thing. It fulfil the requirements of the family quiet easily. Once you use it I bet you never return to your old machine.

That drawback you can say is its loud noise when the ice cubes fall in to the tray. Other than that  thumbs from me as this machine works quietly.

Buying advice

There are many factors that you should consider while buying an ice maker. By following these, you will be able to get the best one for yourself. These factors can include price, capacity, quality etc.

Scotsman brilliance costs about 4000 dollars which is quiet a heavy investment. This is the most expensive machine of the lot but one thing is for sure, you will get full value of your money. As Scotsman do not compromise on quality. They use high quality material that’s why their price may be on higher side. You will able yo get continuous and high quality ice for years.

To me, this investment is a worthwhile. But if you are worried about its high price, there are other cheaper options are available in the market too.


If you are in search of a best sonic ice maker then then there is no best option other than Scotsman brilliance. It provides high quality chewable ice which fo not ruin the taste of your drink. Yes, it is little expensive but you will get value of your investment. I strongly recommended this machine to those who can’t live without sonic ice.