Most people don’t take their ice seriously but that’s not the case with nugget ice fans. They want their ice in specific shape which generally use in restaurants, like sonic. This ice is little different than traditional ice. But with the coming of Opal nugget ice maker you are able to get your favourite ice. This ice is also known as pellet ice or pebble ice.

As this product is not frequently present in the market therefore, price may be little expensive for someone. Although they marketed it under the banner of “affordable” but still you need handsome investment to buy this Opal nugget ice maker. One thing for sure you will get full value of your money as they do not compromise on quality.

Hot Product Hot Product Opal nuggets ice maker
  • Name:Opal nugget ice maker
  • Brand:Opal
  • Weight:44lbs
  • MPN:Opal01
  • Dimension :10.5x15.5x17.25 inches
  • Capacity :2.5 qts
  • Warranty:1 year
  • Material:Stainless steel
  • Ice making rate:24 lbs per day
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This Opal nugget ice maker machine has a positive feedback. Those who have used it never return to their old machines. I personally used this machine and found it very useful as it can make quality nugget ice


This Opal nugget ice maker has quiet a simple setup process. There is no need for plumbing installation. You only have to plug in it and press the start button you ice maker will be ready to make nugget ice.

Before using it you should clean it first for hygienic purposes. Fill the ice maker with the water, select the clean mode and press it. The water will run through in its inner compartment and flush them out. This all process can be done in ten minutes. After that drain the water from machine. Your machine is ready to use.


This nugget ice maker has a sleek and attractive design. It is made of high quality stainless steel with transparent lid through which we can see inside as well. It controls with the single light button. This nugget ice maker can be easily adjusted under the counter. It requires only 3 inches of clearance from behind and side for ventilation purposes.

Overall design if this Opal nugget ice maker is quiet simple but attractive. It is easy and safe to use. It has only one button with which it can turn on or off.


The traditional ice that you get from your freezer is very hard to chew. But with the help of Opal nugget ice maker you will get ice which is easy to chew. This goes through a simple process. This nugget ice is made inside the stainless steel cylinder. The flakes pressed in to the hole where it divided in to small nugget pieces.

All in all this nugget ice maker is simple and safe to use. It makes ice cubes in a very little time. Though it doesn’t has the freezing capacity as this ice maker has no refrigerator in it.

Ice quality

Although it quality is not as superior as sonic ice but still it can produce good quality ice cubes. In comparison to sonic ice this nugget ice maker don’t have the same dupe as sonic ice. Opal is is white in colour same as normal ice whereas sonic ice takes the colour of the drink. Sonic ice is soft as compared to opal nugget ice. You can even chew it while nugget ice rock hard which is difficult to breaks apart. But that doesn’t mean opal ice is bad at all. I personally used it and found it quiet nice for all types of drink. It doesn’t melts quickly.

Bluetooth control and sensors

This Opal nugget ice maker has some features which makes it trendy and modern. The machine can be controlled by your phone or tablet via bluetooth.

It gives you the luxury to command the machine through your mobile. You can set the time of making ice, on/off, brighten or dim the LED light etc. It would be a great addition if machine alarms you about the empty reservoir bin or full bucket but unfortunately, it doesn’t.

Although machine has the built in sensor which gives you information about that but one may have to physically go and check the status.

Once you open the ice bin the machine will automatically stop producing ice. Same is the case with reservoir, once the reservoir is empty it will not try to suck up the water. Therefore be aware of the water level in the reservoir to avoid that situation.


Drain the water from opal nugget ice maker is very simple. All you have to do is detached the silicon tubes from the back of the machine and pull out the plugs. Take the tubes and drain it in to the sink. After drainage simply just reattach the tubes and start using the machine again. All this process can be performed easily if the machine is placed near the sink.

The manufacturer recommends that clean the machine 3 to 4 times in a month so that you can avoid germs that could be present on the surface of the machine and you will be able to get hygienic ice cubes.


The price of Opal nugget ice maker is more than 500 dollars. One would fine it little expensive but I tell you this investment is a worthwhile. Opal do not compromise on quality. They use high class material in their products that’s why their price is on the higher side but one thing for sure you will get full value of your money. Since its been a while finding it difficult in the market, you can buy it any third party retailer at a low price.


If you compare it with counter top ice maker which claims to give nugget ice, you will find Opal nugget ice maker as a cheapest option. Because countertop ice makers are cost thousands of dollars and ended up to give o- shaped ice cubes rather than nugget ice. In this way this nugget ice maker is better option than countertop ice maker.


  • Attractive and sleek design.
  • Made of good stainless steel.
  • Produces beautiful nugget ice cubes.
  • Can produce 24 lbs ice per day.
  • Remotely operated.


  • Quiet heavy and bulky machine.
  • Often ice stack in pyramids.
  • Little expensive.



We have given you detailed information about the features that Opal nugget ice maker has a sleek and beautiful design with handsome capacity to produce ice in a day. We have discussed some of its pros and cons. Thumbs up from me. I bet you you will be pleases to purchase it as it has all the good features of an ice maker. We hope this this article will give you all the necessary information that you want to know before purchasing a nugget ice maker.