Igloo is a top rated brand in the world of ice makers. It is an American brand which manufacture wide variety if products such as, ice makers, coolers etc. Its headquarter located in texas, United States. Igloo is also well reputed brand in the eyes of customers. It has created strong brand image by offering good quality products.

Igloo brand gives you variety of ice makers. It gives you according your requirements. It can produce two size ice cubes. The best part of Igloo brand is it can operate in hot blazing summer without any interruption. This brand has a strong compressor cooling system which can produce ice in 5 to 6 minutes.

Igloo not only gives you ice but also it add to the beauty and decor of your settings. If you are still worrying about the production and storage of ice when you are outside on party or on a trip then then you should consider Igloo brand.

TOP CHOICE TOP CHOICE Igloo ICEB26RR Automatic Portable Ice Maker
  • Capacity:26 pounds
  • Dimensions:9.6x14.7x12.4 inches
  • Installation type:Freestanding
  • Material type:Plastic
  • Weight:20.5 pounds
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2nd BEST CHOICE 2nd BEST CHOICE Igloo ICEC33SB 33-Pound Large Capacity ice maker
  • Capacity:33 pounds
  • Dimensions:11x14x13.8 inches
  • Installation type:Countertop
  • Material type:Plastic
  • Weight:25.1
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3RD BEST CHOICE 3RD BEST CHOICE Igloo ICEB26BK Automatic Portable Ice Maker
  • Capacity:26 pounds
  • Dimensions:9.6x14.7x12.4 inches
  • Installation type:Countertop
  • Material type:Plastic
  • Weight:20.5
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4TH BEST CHOICE 4TH BEST CHOICE Igloo ICEB26WH Electric Countertop Ice Maker
  • Capacity:26 pounds
  • Dimensions:9.5x14.7x12 inches
  • Installation type:Countertop
  • Material type:Plastic
  • Weight:22 pounds
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5TH BEST CHOICE 5TH BEST CHOICE Igloo ICE 105 portable ice maker
  • Capacity:26 pounds
  • Dimensions:15x14x10.5
  • Installation type:Countertop
  • Material type:Plastic
  • Weight:20pounds
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6th BEST CHOICE 6th BEST CHOICE Igloo ICE102-RED Compact Ice Maker
  • Capacity:26 pounds
  • Dimensions:15x14.5x11 inches
  • Installation type:Countertop
  • Material type:Plastic
  • Weight:19.25 pounds
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Best Rated Igloo Counter Top Ice Maker in 2020

1. Igloo ICEB26RR potable ice maker

Key Features  Igloo ICEB26RR Automatic Portable Electric Countertop Ice Maker

  • Compact design.
  • A small viewing window.
  • LED indicator control panel.

My Overall Rating  

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

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Igloo ICEB26RR is a top potable ice maker which is very attractive for customers because of its stylish design and portability. It makes your drink chill without disturbing its taste. Igloo portable ice maker has a rapid ice making process. It can make ice in almost seven minutes. So, if you want constant supply of ice then Igloo ICEB26RR is a best choice for you.

It can produce sufficient quantity of ice with a reasonable storage bin. Igloo portable ice maker has a unique viewing window. With the help of this window you can see all the process of ice making. It has strong brand image among the customers because of its durability and smart design.

This product has plenty of feature which makes it very attractive thing fir buyers. This Igloo portable ice maker has a LED indicators from which you can choose size of ice cubes and level of water.

Igloo ICEB26 RR has quick fast production process. It takes very low space and can be adjust anywhere you want. Do not doubt its production capacity because of its small size. It can produce good quantity of ice in a very little space of time approximately 7 min per nine cubes which is quiet good.

Convenient design.

Igloo ICEB26RR ice maker has a compact and beautiful design. It is best use for countertop. Red colour adds to its attractiveness. Since it is a portable machine, so you can make ice any where you want. It can produce 9 ice cubes at one time which is sufficient for a family or a group of friends hanging out somewhere for a party.  It takes on 7 minutes to produce ice cubes.


If you keep its water tank to its full level then, it can produce ice up to 26lbs in a single day. This production is enough for a day. It has also a storage bin with capacity of2 lbs for a day.

Easy to use.

It has a simple control panel on which there are some LED indicators. The lights will blink according to its indications. For example, when your storage bin is full a light will blink which let you know about it. Similarly there are indications for level of water and size of ice cubes according to your need. It has a removable ice tray with a drain plug. When the machine is off excess water can easily drained out through that plug.


  • It has a rapid procedure for making ice.
  • It has a removable ice bucket.
  • Compact and beautiful design.
  • It has a LED indicator panel with a drain plug.


  • There is no water reservoir, so water has to filled manually.
  • It makes a little noise.


If you want to make ice cubes according to tour own wish and desire regarding size of ice cubes, then Igloo ICEB26RR is a best option for you. It has quick process of production by means of which you can have your ice bucket full in almost 40 minutes.

2. Igloo ICEC33SB 33-Pound(Large Capacity ice cube maker)

Key Features  Igloo ICEC33SB 33-Pound Large Capacity ice cube maker

  • Fast operation.
  • Elegant design and simple control panel.
  • Large capacity.

My Overall Rating  

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

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The next product in the Igloo ice maker family is IglooICEC33SB. Another top quality product in the world of clear ice cubes maker. This machine has a large production capacity. To get continuous supply of ice cubes, all you just need to keep an eye at the water level in the tank. The water tank should be to its fill to produce 33 pounds clear ice cubes in a single day. This large capacity is enough for your daily use drinks and other beverages.

Besides the large capacity, igloo ICEC33SB has the ability to produce 24 ice cubes at a given time which is quiet sufficient to fulfil the needs of a family. If you plan to go outside at the beach or somewhere else this portable machine has also gives you that facility to carry it with you where ever you want to fo.

Scientifically it is proven that clear ice cubes have life span more than the traditional cloudy ice cubes. This igloo machine produces clear and hard ice cubes which melts slowly and lasts long. It has also quick frozen technology, with the help of which it can produce ice cubes in almost seven minutes just like the other igloo machine but with the capacity of nine ice cubes at one time.

With easy control panel which has LED lights to indicate different situations such as water level and size of cubes, this Igloo ICEC33SB has a added feature of automatic shut off.

Quick freezing technology.

This igloo machine has ver impressive freezing technology. One would say that it has not much capacity to produce and storage. But this complaints will go out of the window by this rapid freezing technology. You can make nine cubes of ice in just 7 seven minutes and it will take almost half houe to produce full bucket of ice which is sufficient for anyone.

Auto shut off.

With all other feature, this machine has a added feature of automatic shut off. The machine will shuts off automatically after 16 hours of continuous usage.

Capacity and control panel.

Igloo ICEC33 SB has a decent capacity of 33 pounds a day. So if you have a plan to go out and you have no means to produce or store ice this this product is best for you.  Its LED panel gives you information about so many things by indication different lights. This can include water level, cube size and storage bin information.


  • The ice bucket is quiet large.
  • Auto off system.
  • It can produce two size ice cubes.
  • Because of its light weight you can carry it with you.


  • There is no power backup option which seems its downside.
  • No proper drainage system.


Igloo ICEC33SB is a complete package for your outings and travelling. Due to its light weight its portability factor comes into play and make it a precious thing to have while travelling or partying outside.

3. Igloo ICEB26BK(portable automatic ice maker)

Key Features  Igloo ICEB26BK Automatic Portable Electric Countertop Ice Maker

  • Electronically controls.
  • Compact design.
  • LED control panel.

My Overall Rating  

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

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The next product in the list of best igloo ice maker is Igloo ICEB26BK. By look this is the best product by igloo hands down. Its black colour makes it very elegant and classy. This product is useful for home décor. You just cannot resist to buy after seeing this beautiful product.

It may look simple but it has all the features that can attract anybody. It is not very costly either. Of course it is a automatic clear ice cube maker by manufacturing but one can also use it as a decoration piece as well because of it great looks. It adds to the beauty of that place where ever you put it.

Plug & play.

This machine is like plug and play. All you have to do is just plug in into switch board and machine will start its operation. It has quiet a strong freezer which can make clear ice cubes in only seven minutes. The machine has the capability to produce nine ice cubes at a single and 26 pounds of ice overall in a single day.

Transparent lid.

This machine has a extra feature of transparent lid. This transparent lid adds more control over the machine because you can easily see what is going on. You can see all the process which takes place in the machine. You can see the size of ice cubes as well as water level in the tank.

Elegant design.

This machine has a elegant and compact design. The black add to its beauty although it may look simple. Its sleek and beautiful design has a attraction for its buyers


  • It has quick freezing technology.
  • It can produce 26 pounds of ice with 2 pounds storage capacity.
  • It has viewing lid or transparent lid with which you can see its operation inside.


  • A powerful backup option can be added.


If you plan to buy a ice cube maker for home then this igloo ICE26BK is best suited to you. It has all the qualities if good ice maker along with its elegant design. It will adds to the beauty of your home.

4. Igloo ICEB26WH(portable automatic ice maker)

Key Features  Igloo ICEB26WH Automatic Portable Electric Countertop Ice Maker

  • Stainless steel body with transparent window.
  • Auto shut off.
  • Built in bucket that can recycle ice.

My Overall Rating  

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

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Another wonderful Igloo’s product in the market of countertop ice maker. Its makes your drink refreshing and chilled. It takes a very little time to make tour beverages cold. This machine has a strong freezer which helps your product to keep chill for a long time. It can produce nine cylindrical ice cubes with 3 quarter water tank.

The machine can produce two size ice cubes. You can make small and large size ice cubes according to tour own desire. The ice produces by this machine has a long lasting life even during hot, blazing summer days. Its production capacity is 26 lbs per day. Stainless steel body makes it not only strong but also beautiful and compact.

Igloo ICE26WH can be adjusted over the counter because of its size and weight. This machine can produce high quality ice within a reasonable price. This machine has a added feature of small clear window on the front side of machine which enables us to see the operations that takes place in the machine.

The machine has also LED indicators which tells you about different things such as water level etc. The lights will blink up when the storage bin is full or when water tank is empty or prevent to overflow of water. Another feature this machine has it can recycle the excess water into ice.


  • It has LED indications for water level, ice cube size and prevent for water overflow.
  • It has a large capacity if 26 pounds in a single day.
  • Compact and light weight design.
  • It has a quick freezing technology.
  • Has all the feature in relatively low price.


  • Production and storage capacity can be better.


You can say it big things coming in small packages. Because it has everything from LED control panel to  quick freezing technology in a relatively low price.

5. Igloo ICE 105(portable ice maker)

Key Features  Igloo ICE 105 portable ice maker

  • Stainless steel body.
  • Electronic controls.
  • Decent capacity.

My Overall Rating  

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

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Igloo ICE105 portable ice maker is another good option to have . This grey colour portable ice maker can be used as both indoors s well as outdoors. Due to its weight and size you can carry it with you. It can produce 26 lbs ice in a single day. Its storage capacity is around 1.5 pounds with 2.3 quarts of water tank.

This machine can produce two sized ice cubes. You can make ice according to your wish. It can produce ice in six minutes which is very quick in comparison to other Igloo products. This machine has a compact, beautiful and attractive design.

Igloo ICE105 portable ice maker has LED control panel. It available in five different colours red, black, silver, stainless steel and white. Its stainless steel body, auto shut off system, LED control panel and built in warning light make it very impressive product in a low price. It does not occupy much space due to its small size and adjust anywhere over the counter in your kitchen setting. Surely, it is not a product to hide under the counter. It adds to the décor of kitchen settings. This machine can produce enough ice for parties or for a family. You can carry it with you where ever you want to take it.

Built in warning lights.

Igloo ICE105 has many features in it. There are built in LED lights which blink up when the water level in the tank is full or water tank is empty. It also indicates you when to add water. The process of ice making is quiet simple. You just have to pour water in to water tank and push on the button. The machine will starts its operation and in as many as six minutes ice cube can be produced.


It has a reasonable production capacity. It can produce 26 lbs ice and can store 1.5 pounds in a single day. Since it can produce ice in six minutes, so in that respect your supply of ice cubes can never be disturbed and you have continuous supply if ice if you are partying some where or have guests over your home.

Auto turn off.

This machine also has a auto turn off system like other Igloo machines. The machine will stop its working automatically after sixteen hours of continuous use.


  • Light weight and attractive design.
  • Has a LED control panel.
  • It can produce ice in six minutes.


  • Storage capacity is low.


A perfect portable ice cube maker within a low price. Its indoor as well as outdoors use make it very attractive products for the customers. Due to its light weight, it gives you the luxury to carry it with you when you are on travelling or partying outside some where.

6. Igloo ICE102-RED(Compact Ice Maker)

Key Features  Igloo ICE102-RED Compact Ice Maker

  • LED control panel.
  • 26 pounds production capacity with 1.5 pounds storage bin capacity.
  • Compressor cooling system.

My Overall Rating  

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

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This Igloo ICE102 portable ice maker machine is best use for outdoor activities. The red colour of this machine attracts everyone. It can produce 26 lbs ice in 24 hours. Its freezing technology is even better than the previous models. It can make ice cubes in less than six minutes.

This machine can produce two size ice cubes. This means you can make ice cubes according to your own wish and desire. This machine has a strong compressor cooling system. Therefore , it takes very little time to make ice cubes, less than six minutes to be exact. Like all other Igloo’s product this machine also has LED control panel which gives information about water level in the tank, when the machine needed to be clean and when the tank is empty.

Another main feature of this Igloo ICE 102 has its low noise. Usually , portable ice cube maker make a loud noise while making of ice cubes because of heavy motor they use but surprisingly, this Igloo machine has a very low noise.

The machine has also 1.5 lbs storage bin capacity with five different colours. It has a 2.3 quarts water tank with a reservoir. It can br adjusted anywhere over the counter because of its low weight and small size. It looks elegant as well and adds the beauty and décor to your settings.


  • It has a very low noise.
  • It can produce ice in less than six minutes.
  • It has attractive design and light weight.


  • Storage bin capacity may be low.


A perfect setting for outdoor events. This Igloo Ice 102 provides you ice cubes in a very low price. Also it has a strong cooling compressor which can make ice in less than six minutes which means you have constant and continuous supply of good quality ice.

Opinions of others.

We have surveyed a large number of customer and taken their review about these products and they have one thing in common. That is, this product is comfortably fulfil the needs of family. The portability is the other factor with which they are pleased.

The main disadvantage that we observed with the help of surveys is that the outer body is not made up of high quality. But it can compensate with its relatively low price. Other than that this is a complete package.

Buying advice.

Before buying an ice maker, you should have enough knowledge the features and price of others  brands. In other words you should have market knowledge. So that you ended up buying the right product. You have to look overall product’s feature. For example, if someone buy an ice maker because of its beautiful design but later come to know that it does not has the required capacity which you want then your spending may be waste. Some products may have big capacity but unable to produce good quality clear ice cubes. All these things should be in your mind while buying an ice maker.

Things to consider while buying an ice maker.


Capacity should be the first thing to consider while buying an ice maker. It shoes hoe much an ice maker can produce ice in a single day and also how much it can store ice for a given time. To choose the ice maker of required capacity,  It depends upon the usage if ice. For those who have large family let say 7 to 8 people, and want an ice maker for house hold the large capacity ice maker will be preferred. For small family, low capacity ice maker will be better choice.


Durability is the other factor while choosing an ice maker. Everybody want longer span of life of their products. Rightly so because they spent decent amount to buy them. Reliability and efficiency of machine is inter link to its durability. More the product durable more will be its efficiency and reliability and vice versa. One should make sure about durability while buying an ice maker.

Size and design.

Size plays an important in role in buying because of the space you have. If you have smaller space then you should go for portable ice maker which is smaller in size and can be adjustable over the counter of your kitchen. Likewise if you have bigger space then you should go for big size ice maker which are usually use for bars , restaurant and home.

Design is another important factor as it directly related to the price. Portable ice makers may be fit for your kitchen but may have not as large capacity as big size ice makers possess. So feature may differ in different designs.

Speed of ice production.

Speed of ice production is another important factor while considering to buy ice maker. Capacity tells you how much ice you can produce in a day whereas speed tells you about in how much time you will get a batch of ice cubes. It is seen that larger units tend to produce much faster than the smaller ones.


How to rest Igloo ice maker.

If your igloo ice maker does not work properly then rest your machine to fix those problems. For that matter you have to follow these simple steps.

Unplug the power cord.

Before turning the machine off, then first thing you should do is unplug the power cable. This a precautionary measure from any electric shock.

Adjust ice shovel position.

After unplugging the power cord, the next step is pushing the shovel from the centre towards inward. Then pull the shovel out and push it again inside. Repeat this process for three times. The purpose of all this action is to move the motor manually.

Plug the unit.

After that, just plug in agin and turn the machine on. All things should be fine.


How an ice maker works.

Ice maker involves a simple process. The turn water in to ice but there is a bit difference in freezer and ice making machine though both can make ice. In freezer it might take hours to turn water into ice cubes. But this can be done in much less time approximately 15 minutes to get get ice cubes through ice makers. In other words, ice maker are mini Ice making facilities. Just pout the water through reservoir into it and push on the button. The machine will starts its operation and we will have ice cubes in 1 0 to 15 minutes.


How to clean igloo ice maker.

There are different and models and designs present in the market but their procedure about how to clean is almost the same . You have to follow these simple steps to clean your ice maker.

Remove ice from dispenser.

First of all push power button off wait for all the to melt down. After that gather the ice and store it into freezer bag or wait for the to melt.

Press the clean button.

After removing ice dispenser, push the clean button on. Water will go through the pump and into  drain. This will give you indication about adding the cleanser.

Add cleanser.

Make sure that the cleanser you add should be suitable for ice makers. For that matter read user guide carefully.

Wait for cycle to complete.

Usually the cleaning process last for about half on hour. Exact information can be obtained from manual’s guide. Go through that period so that cleanser can rinse thoroughly.

Clean the internal components.

Take out your manual guide and gather information about different components and parts of ice maker. Take out all the components carefully and clean them properly. After cleaning, adjust all the parts where they are.

Mix up the solution.

Mix the cleanser into water with sixteen to one ratio. As a result mixture is formed. Half of mixture should be used to clean the interior components and other half should be used for clean the surface of the machine.

Rinse everything.

In the end rinse thoroughly with the water. Take a piece of dry cloth and wipe the water out from the machine.


When to clean igloo ice maker.

You should clean your ice maker within six months to get better and continuous results. Clean the machine at regular basis to prevent germs to grow on the surface and inside the machine. Cleaning the machine regularly also helps not to heat up quickly.

There are certain signs which indicate you when the machine needed to be clean. These can include

  • Ice making process becomes slow.
  • Low quality ice cubes form.
  • Capacity of ice becomes low.
  • Incomplete ice cubes.
  • An omission of peculiar smell.

Tips when using Igloo ice machines.

There are few tips about how we can use ice makers better. First tip is, use ice cubes as quick as they produced. Because it is seen that if you not use these cubes early then the ice melts and stuck into internal ice basket which indicates the machine that ice bucket is full where as it is not full. So make sure take out all the cubes with spoon carefully to avoid that problem and eventually it adds to the efficiency of the machine.

Always try not to contaminate the ice cubes. For that matter, always use filter water to avoid the contamination and once the ice cubes are ready, do not distribute it with your hands. Try to use ice spoon for that purpose to avoid germs and bacteria.


Installation and maintenance of Igloo ice maker.

There are different procedure of installation for different models of Igloo. But all are quiet simple to install. A few simple steps to follow, and you can set up the unit on your own. Take out the manual and integrate different parts of igloo machine.

Maintaining of the machine is also ver simple. All you have to do is unplug the machine first and let the water drain. Make a solution of water and lemon. Clean the machine thoroughly from inside as well as outside. After that plug in the machine and make a batch if ice. It will works as rinse cycle. Upon the completion of this cycle, you can use your machine.

 Potential problems and fixes.

You may have come across some problems while using igloo ice makers. Some of them are described under.

 Smelly tasting ice.

Sometime it produces ice which may have some kind of taste in it. Usually quality ice has no taste or smell in it. If your machine produce ice cubes which have some taste in it there must be something wrong with your machine. There are number of reason for the production of smelly ice. The quality of water may not be very good can be the reason of it. Maybe there are some pieces of ice left in the machine for a very long time. Stainless tray of ice maker could be the reason for it.

Potential fixes.

The smelly taste of ice can be fixed by cleaning the machine thoroughly. The new machine can give you plastic taste. It can be fixed by wipe out the machine with water.

Bad quality water can give you bad taste so the simple cure is try to use filter water to avoid any taste.

Not working properly.

  • There are certain reason because of which your ice maker does not work properly. These can include
  • Ice maker may have not getting power.
  • Full ice bin.
  • Water is not getting to the ice making components.
  • Supply of water may be damaged.


  • Make sure the machine getting the power supply properly.
  • Make sure that pause button is not pressed.
  • Check the pipe that lead to the ice tray.

Plastic pieces inside the ice.

Sometimes ice cubes that are produced by this machine contains plastic piece which can be a high health risk. Plastic includes so many toxic materials which can damage human’s life. The reason of this issue may be due to breakage of any component inside the machine.

Potential fixes.

Although there are rare chances of any brokerage of machine from inside but this can happen. There are many causes of it. The machine may be old enough or during transportation damage can be done. The solution to problem is that if your machine is older than 5 years then simple buy a new one. If your machine is in its warranty period then replace it with another one.

Machine leakage.

Another issue that you might come across is leakage from your machine. If this happen then it will be a serious issue and you have to check it as early as possible. If you see water nearby your machine other than that of water drain then there of chances of machine leakage.

Potential fixes.

First of all, you have to check for any breakage. In this regard you have to check all the valves, pump and water outlet. If there is a serious leakage then its hose should be damaged and hence has to be replaced. If the leakage is smaller then it is hard to detect. In this case you should check for valve or water pump. If your machine is older and you have replaced its parts several times before, then you should buy a new unit.

Coolant leakage.

Although there are rare chance of coolant leakage but it can happen because of products life span or by rough handling during carried one place to the other in the house. Because of this leakage the substance that takes part in cooling process unable to make ice. It can be seen on the pipe and the floor.

Potential fixes.

The repairing of coolant is very costly so your advised to buy new unit instead of repairing the old one as it involves risk to leak again. So buying the new one is only solution to this problem.

 Ice doesn’t eject. 

Sometimes the machine does not eject the ice and you suspect that might be there is no ice in the tray that’s why it not ejecting anything. But upon checking you come to know that there is ice available in the tray. So its confirm that there is no issue in the ice making process. There must be issue in ejector mechanism. You can fix it on your own.

Potential fixes.

Due to failure of hearting or ejector mechanism, this problem arises. You should check any brokerage, corrosion or loose wires. You can fix it yourself by replacing the required components.

Frequently asked questions.

How much water can igloo ice maker consume?

It depends upon the size of your machine. Most ice makers consumes 1 to 4 quarts of water tank whereas, igloo ice maker use water that is necessary to make ice cubes on demand. The ice cubes that are produced by this machine should be used as quickly as possible or store in a freezer because these ice makers cannot work as freezer.


How long dies Igloo ice makers last?

According to the surveys and opinions of customers it last long almost 6 to ten years approximately. It also depends upon how you use the machine. If you use the machine roughly or not maintaining it properly then it might have a less life span.



Are water filters are necessary for igloo ice makers?

By using filters you will able to get clean, germ free and high quality of ice cubes. Although they have a built in filter that prevents the drop of anything into water reservoir but they can filters the contamination. So to get better results one can add filter manually.


Although choosing the best products among different alternatives is always a tough job but Igloo portable ice maker can help you in this regard by offering so many good products at a reasonable price. This product does not suitable for large gathering but can be very handy fir small families