Making ice cubes with the help of ice tray is not a hardest thing to do. The method is very simple.

All you have to do is pouring water into tray and put the tray into the freezer. Leave them for 4 to five hours in the freezer and you have your ice cubes ready.

This is a traditional and simple process of making ice cubes. You can chill your beverages by the ice cubes. Ejecting ice from ice is also a simple process. Just take out the tray from freezer, turn or twist the tray 2 to 3 times. The ice cubes will loose by this act and pop out from the tray.

The other simple technique is, just pour water on the back of ice tray. The ice cubes will easily come out from tray. You can use it easily for your drinks. Making of ice cubes in the freezer is a time consuming process.

The other method of making ice cubes by the help of an ice maker. An ice maker is a machine which produces ice according to your demand.

Just put water in the water reservoir and fill the water tank to its full capacity which is usually 3 to 4 quarts. Wait or six to fifteen minutes and your ice cubes are ready to use. It takes a very little time to make ice cubes in comparison to freezer.

Those who want large quantity if ice to fulfil the needs of the family but facing a problem of not having ice cubes tray to produce ice. For all of them here are some simples techniques or hacks by using which they will be able to make their own homemade ice cube trays. In other words they will be able to produce ice cubes without having ice cube tray. These techniques named as, ziploc bag freezer bag, eggs carton , portable ice maker etc.

Make Ice Cubes With Ziploc bags

Ziploc bags

If you need large quantity of ice but don’t have enough ice trays to make ice then don’t you worry. There are some simple alternatives by the help of which you can make enough ice to fulfil your requirements. A simple technique to make ice without using ice tray is ziploc bags. These are small plastic bags which can work as ice trays. The process is quiet simple. Just fill the bag with water to the desired level. If you want large quantity of ice then fill the bag to its maximum capacity. If your need is less, then fill the bag accordingly.

After filling the bag with water to its maximum capacity, carefully close the bag tightly and put it into the freezer. Leave it for some hours and your ice will be ready to use.

The main drawback of this ice is that it will produce thick layer of ice which will difficult to break. You have to put. Lot of effort to break that ice.

To get thin layer of ice which will easy to break, you should follow this simple technique. Fill the ziploc bag to its quarter and lay down it horizontally into the freezer. This will produce thin layer of ice which will easy to break. By following this process you have your ice without using ice tray. The only problem is, the ice you will get not have any shape. This will a concern for those who takes their ice very seriously. You can also do this in simple plastic bags. But the main problem in those bags will be the leakage of water.

Make Ice Cubes With Silicon mold

Silicon mold

Silicon molds have wide range of use now a days. It can use to make bread, cakes and even in candies. Their versatility not only limited to those things but also they can use a ice trays as well. They are the true allrounder.

This home made ice tray can exactly work ad ice cube tray. The difference is it is made of silicon while normal ice cube tray is made up of plastic. The process is as same as for the normal ice cubes tray. Just fill the molds with water and put them into freezer for several hours. You will get rock solid ice which will actually have shape of cubes. The ice you gat from this method melts slowly and have a decent shape unlike the ziploc bags.

Make Ice Cubes With Egg carton

Egg carton

Although egg cartons are little eccentric, but they may be handy is emergency situation where you are run out of your alternatives for making ice cubes without a tray.

For this purpose you should have a piece of aluminium foil or a plastic sheet which you can spread it on the tray so that it cannot contaminate the water and hence, we can have hygienic ice cubes without using ice tray. After that , pour water into the carton and place it into freezer. Wait for 4 to 5 hours to get ice cubes

. One problem that can arise is, sometimes a hole may appear through which leakage can start and contaminate the water which is not good for health. On the other hand aluminium foil is mare reliable as compared to polyethylene and hence can be more useful to produce ice cubes without using ice trays. The bid advantage of this method is that you get ice cubes which have some specific shape. You can use it in your drinks unlike the ziploc method which is hard to break into pieces.

Make Ice Cubes With Freezer bag

Freezer bag

If you want proper shaped ice cubes but you don’t have the ice tray for it then you should consider the freezer bag for this purpose. Unlike the ziploc bag the freezer bag will help you to get not only beautiful shaped ice cubes but also in large quantity which fulfil the needs of a family quiet easily.

For those who want perfect ice cubes without having ice tray, should try this alternative.

It consists of some easy steps. All you have to do is put water into freezer bag. Add water to its full capacity. After water filling it with water, put this bag to into freezer horizontally. After 3 to 4 hours you will get your required ice. The bright side of this freezer bag is, it prevents the food smell into the ice. Ice remains fresh and keep its taste. Those days have gone now when smell of rotten eggs or garlic mixed with ice and make its taste worst. Now with the help of freezer bag you will get clear and fresh ice without using ice tray. In other words you can say it home made ice tray.

Make Ice Cubes With Portable ice maker

Portable ice maker

In my view portable ice makers are the best alternatives when there is no ice tray around. You can have sufficient amount of good quality ice with portable ice maker. This can include countertop as well as under counter ice makers.

Ot not only gives you good quality ice but also adds beauty to your kitchen. In those families where small freezer cannot fulfil the needs of family, portable ice maker is best suitable for them. It involves easy steps. These ice makers can gives you ice in six minutes. You can produce ice according to your demand. The portable ice maker can produce in different sizes. It can br small, medium and large. The machine make sure that you have continuous supply of ice.

The portable ice maker involves a simple process to make ice cubes without using ice tray. First of all, plug in the machine. Then add water to the reservoir to its maximum capacity. Select the size of ice cubes according to you choice and push the start button. It will take almost seven minutes to make a batch of ice cubes. The machine has a added feature if auto shut off. When the storage bin is full, the machine will shut iff automatically. Since the machine is heavily insulated, so it keep ice frozen for a long time. When ice melts, it drains back into reservoir through pump and ready to make ice again.

DIY Ice Cube Trays – Some Other Creative Ways

Lego pieces

There are some other creative ways which can help you to make ice without having or using ice trays. For that purpose, lego pieces can be used for making ice cubes. Put water into these pieces and freeze it for 4 to 5 hours. The drawback if this is, it will be difficult for ice to pop out. The simple solution to this is just pour warm water on the back of logo pieces. The will help ice cube to slide out.

Lego pieces

Small vodka glasses

Unconventional but can be useful to make ice without having ice cubes tray. The process is same as all of other alternative methods. On freezing, put it in warm water to get ice .

small vodka glasses


Hope so, you have now many different ideas of making ice cubes when you have no ice cube tray around. Although it may not be as perfect as ice cube tray but can be very helpful in those emergency situation.