We all know the importance of ice in our life as it uses an increase in summer. Good quality ice can make your drink better and chilled. If you are facing a problem of storing and making ice continuously, then the first thing that should come into your mind should be under counter ice machines. The biggest advantage of these machines is that it takes very small space and can be adjusted anywhere without wasting any space.

Different characteristics and the feature should be considered while making up a mind to buy the under counter ice machines. There are several different models and brands of under counter ice machines that have specific features and characteristics. Some of them are discussing below.

ProductsProducts NameDetailsPrice

IKICH Portable Ice Maker
  • Installation type: Free Standing
  • Weight: 17.2 pounds
  • Dimensions: 13.4×10.2×14.6 inches
  • Capacity: 2 litres
  • Color: Silver
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Opal nugget ice maker
  • Installation type: Free Standing
  • Weight: 44 pounds
  • Dimensions: 15.5×10.5×17.2 inches
  • Capacity: 3 pounds
  • Color: Silver/Black

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Della Portable Ice Maker
  • Installation type: Free Standing
  • Weight: 21 pounds
  • Dimensions: 17×13×16 inches
  • Capacity: 26 lbs
  • Color: Red
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Ice-O-Matic Ice Machine
  • Installation type: Free Standing
  • Weight: 133 pounds
  • Dimensions: 22.6×14.9×33.4 inches
  • Capacity: 22 pounds
  • Color: Silver
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Scotsman SCN60PA Brilliance
  • Installation type: Free Standing
  • Weight: 129pounds
  • Dimensions: 22.8×14.9×33.4 inches
  • Capacity: 85 lbs
  • Color: Silver
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Scotsman CU50GA Undercounter
  • Installation type: Free Standing
  • Weight: 125 pounds
  • Dimensions: 22x14.9x34.4 inches
  • Capacity: 77 lbs
  • Color: Silver
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Best nuggets ice makers and sonic ice machines

1. IKICH Portable Ice Maker

Key Features  IKICH Portable ice maker

  • Reasonable capacity
  • Touch button surface
  • Soft chewable ice

My Overall Rating  

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

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You will find many other products if you go out in the market which can produce more than this machine yet people find this product more suitable for them. However, it has not large capacity bt other features combining to make it a particular product which includes its design, ease of use, price, versatility and setup.

Its production capacity is about 26 pounds per day which is enough for most families. It has a rapid process of producing ice. It takes only six minutes to form a cube of ice. This rapid cycle becomes handy when you have to deal with several guests.

No installation needed to start its operation. All you have to do just put some water into it and switched on the button on its surface. It has indicators which guide you about the water level and the condition. It forms soft chewable ice.


  • Production capacity is 26 lbs.
  • No installation needed.
  • Quick cycle time.
  • Low in price.
  • Easy to use


  • Produces low quality ice.
  • Form bullet-shaped ice instead of nugget ice.


What makes it attractive is its price. It has an average price. It has the facility to operate it even if you are not at home via Bluetooth. It works faster than anyone thinks. All these features make it a complete package.

2. Opal nugget ice maker

Key Features  Opal nugget ice maker

  • Has a Bluetooth connection.
  • Small size and easy to use.
  • Use filter water to avoid germs.

My Overall Rating  

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

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If you are planning a party with your friends at home or at the beach or somewhere else but facing a problem of storing the ice then opal nuggets ice maker will assure you to solve your problem. This small little machine will satisfy all you need. It takes very little space to work.

Its freezer is quite strong. It takes hardly twenty minutes to form ice cubes. Its production capacity is 24 lbs, and storage bin is 3 lbs which are sufficient for a family or guest for a day.

This is a machine that has a built-in Bluetooth which enables it connects to your device or smartphone. You can operate and watch it through your mobile. Use filtered water to avoid the germs that can build up in the pipe. When its bin is full of water, it filters back its water and makes its ice again. By doing so, it assures the quality of water so that we get good quality and hygienic ice cubes.


  • One of its significant advantages is that it does not require a water connection. Just pour water into it, and it starts its functions.
  • Best use for the countertop.
  • It produces ice which may be soft but crunchy in chewing.
  • Affordable price and good quality.


  • Storage bin capacity is 3 lbs which are not sufficient.
  • Not suitable for outdoors.
  • Requires filtered water to operate.


What makes it attractive is its price. It has an average price. It has the facility to operate it even if you are not at home via Bluetooth. It works faster than anyone thinks. All these features make it a complete package.

3. Della Portable Ice Maker

Key Features  Della Portable Ice Maker

  • Small size and low weight.
  • Touch button controls.
  • Produces chewable ice.

My Overall Rating  

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

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Della ice maker makes chewable ice which is small in size just like the IKICH ice maker. You can say it big things coming in small packages because it is not very costly but can work equally good as any other expensive icemaker do. Both IKICH and Della are almost the same in nature.

Because of its small size and low weight, you can carry it with you anywhere. If you are planning to go outside or on a beach, then it is the best product. Its production capacity is around 26 lbs with storage bin is 1.5 lbs.

It produces chewable ice that is not soft but crunchy. It can make your drink chilled without wasting its taste. It has a compact design. You can keep it when you are on travelling because of its low weight and small size. Its smaller storage bin is not a big issue because it can produce ice in 6 minutes. The main advantage of this machine has that there is no need for installation. Just put water into it and commands the device with touch buttons and your ice is ready in quick session.


  • No installation needed.
  • No water tap and drain needed.
  • Compact and attractive design.
  • Complete package in low price.


  • Low production capacity.
  • Ice gives plastic-like taste when its tray is unclean.


For travellers, this is the best option because of its low weight.

4. Ice-O-Matic Ice Machine

Key Features  Ice-O-Matic Ice Machine

  • Small body with attractive design.
  • It is equipped with all the necessary indicators and controls.
  • Has an antibacterial system.

My Overall Rating  

5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

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Ice o Matic is another giant in the world of the ice-making machine. Its production capacity is 85 lbs with storage bin 22 lbs per day. It is about 33 inches tall, which makes it suitable for office or maybe can be used for under the counter. It has one limitation that it can use only 22 lbs ice at one time that its storage bin stores. For further usage, you have to wait to refill the storage bin.

When its storage is full then automatically machine stops making ice. It produces pearl-shaped ice. Nugget ice is more cylindrical, but pearl ice as its name suggests resembles with original pearl.

Its installation requires a water tap and drain like the Scotsman ice machine. Once plumber installs machine, then you can have nugget ice anytime you want. The device has all the critical indicators and control on the door, which makes it very special. It also has a built-in antibacterial system which prevents bacteria from growing and gives us clean and germ-free ice.


  • Best suitable for under counters as it tall about 33 inches.
  • Provides germs free ice.
  • Have indications for refill and cleaning.
  • Huge production capacity.
  • Good drainage system.


  • Despite production capacity up to 85 lbs you can only use 22 lbs in one go.
  • Water tap and drain is necessary for installation.


For those entire officeholders who are in search of a kind ice maker, ice o Matic is an excellent option for them. It provides pure ice as it matters most for all of us. Although with all the features its storage bin capacity can be enhanced so that one can use enough ice in one go.

5. Scotsman SCN60PA Brilliance Nugget Ice Machine

Key Features  Scotsman SCN60PA Brilliance Nugget Ice Machine

  • Huge production capacity.
  • Have sensors which tell you about the ice.
  • Good drainage system.

My Overall Rating  

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

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This brand has a massive reputation among the customers whatever they produce. In other words, it has a sharp brand image in the minds of customers. Because of its size and style, it is undoubtedly not for the countertop but a standalone unit. It has a considerable capacity for producing ice that is 85 lbs.

It produces chewable ice which refreshes the memories of our childhood. Its storage bin capacity is 26 lbs. Sleek, smart design makes it very beautiful. It produces ice which melts very slowly and stays colder more than anyone else in the market.

Its drainage system is quite good—the ice which melts down the drain through the floor. A freestanding style makes it elegant. For its installation, you just need a water tap and a waste. It has sensors which tell about the ice level. If ice remains low in the storage bin, it starts to produce ice until storage bin filled with ice.


  • Best use for outdoors.
  • Make ice which stays longer.
  • Huge production capacity i.e 85 lbs per day.
  • Makes crunchy and chewable cubes.


  • Requires a plumber for installation.
  • Need a water tap and drain.


This machine is perfectly suited for summer porch. It attracts everyone because of its production capacity and unique sensor. It is best to use for homes.

6. Scotsman CU50GA Undercounter Ice Maker

Key Features  Scotsman CU50GA Undercounter Ice Maker

  • One year warranty.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Suitable for commercial purposes.

My Overall Rating  

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

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Those who love nugget shaped ice will love this product because it makes crystal clear ice cubes which retain the taste of your drink. The unit produces hard ice cubes which melt slowly. This machine is best suited for commercial purposes. Its small size makes it best for under counter ice makers.

The unit has a stainless steel body which makes it strong. Its production capacity is 65 lbs, and storage bin capacity is 26 lbs in a single day. This machine has some added feature which includes a control panel which tells you about the quality and level of water.

The unit stops producing ice automatically when the quality of water is below par. It has sensors which tell you about the quality of water and indicate you when cleaning is needed. There are so many things which make it attractive for buyers that include its stainless steel body, large capacity, water quality sensors etc. Besides that, if it does not work properly within one year of buying, it can be replaced as well.


  • Large capacity with 65 lbs production per day.
  • Ideal for outdoors and under counter.
  • Water quality sensors.
  • It producing gourmet ice which melts slowly.


  • Requires a plumber to install the unit.
  • Requires a water tap and drain nearby the machine.


There are so many things which make it attractive for buyers that include its stainless steel body, large capacity, water quality sensors etc. Besides that, if it does not work correctly within one year of buying, it can be replaced as well.


How to Use a Sonic Ice Maker

User Manual

The user manual is a booklet in which some specific guidelines about the products are written. The guidelines are regarding how to use the unit what are its features etc. The different unit may have different manuals, but there are some guidelines that remain through the units.

For instance, in the case of portable units which my make traditional ice cubes, nuggets or clear ice cubes there working procedure is almost the same. You put water into them, commands the machine and machine in returns ended up in making your desired ice. And in case of under counters or freestanding unit, there must be water tap and drainage system for the unit to operate. The rest of the procedure is almost the same as in the portable unit.

There are some distinct features in different ice makers. Some may have a LEDindicator which tells you about the quality of water. Level of water, full bin etc. While others may have a timer in them which tells you in how much time you will be able to make water into ice. We have figure out some more guidelines which we gather from those who already have an ice maker on their premises.

Usage of filtered water

Always use filtered water because it comprises of full of minerals. It gives to delicious and lovely ice which melts slowly.

Filtered water also helps to increase the life span of the machine. Some units have built-in filter while others have not. Try to install a filter in the machine because it not only gives you clean and germ-free ice but also takes your health into account. It makes sure you have safe ice for drinks.

Don’t flavours

Keep one thing in mind that do-not add any flavour into your water ever. Because it will cause not only damage to your machine but also to your health because you may have unhygienic ice. Most of the manufacturers warn you about adding any sugar flavour or preservatives. Any damage caused by preservative will leave your warranty null and void.

Keep larger units for indoors

Larger units are best suitable for indoors although it may use in outdoors. Using them as the outdoor unit may expose them to many external environmental risks such as rain, heat, dust etc. This may damage your machine. Besides that, too much wastage of energy resulted in moving these heavy units in and out.

Rating procedure of ice makers

There are certain thing that you should consider in order to buy a sonic ice maker.


The first thing that you should consider is which capacity satisfy your need. It includes both production capacity as well as storage bin capacity. You have to choose the unit according to your needs.larger capacity not always meant to be more efficient as compared to smaller ones. For example, your need is a portable unit which you can carry with you when you are on travelling. In that case, 85 lbs production capacity will not suit you; rather, you want smaller capacity because 85 lbs do not make sense with a portable unit.

Similarly, if you want an ice maker for home use, then Della will not fulfil your need. Because of its low production capacity.

Quality of ice

Quality of sonic ice varies with the size of the machine. Large capacity machine supposes to produce good quality sonic ice, whereas small capacity does not produce the same quality as large ones. Although some portable units claim the production of high-quality sonic ice, in reality, their quality can not match the large unit’s quality.

Easy to use

Another major thing that should keep in mind while the purchase of sonic ice maker is that it should be easy to use regardless of the size and capacity of the machine. The machine should have an easy control panel, clear manual and button so that anyone can operate the unit easily.

Value for money

The last but not the least we check how much a product paybacks the value of customer’s spendings. This is why we have not hesitated to recommend you the ice o Matic and Scotsman unit. These may be a bit expensive but get the full value of your money.


Which size is the best?

Sonic or nuggets ice maker ranging from small portable units to larger freestanding ones. It depends upon the various factors such as,

If you have big enough space in your kitchen, then freestanding units are the best options. Likewise, if your kitchen has space only underneath the counters, then under-counters are good options. But if you have free space only on the upper side of the counter, then countertop are the options for you. If you have to travel somewhere and want to carry ice maker with you, then portable units are the most suitable for you. It all depends upon how much space do you have.

Large units also require a water tap and drain and to operate; therefore they cannot be used while travelling.

It also depends on your budget. If you have a high budget, then you can go with freestanding and under counters icemakers. But if you have a low budget, then portable units are the best options.

The last but not least how much you need ice in a single day—it ranging from 26lbs to 85 lbs. Small units have production capacity around 26 lbs while large units have 85 lbs.

Is its installation easy?

There are two main aspects that should be considered while buying an ice maker. The first one has you water tap near around you or you adding water to a reservoir. The second aspect is its drainage system.

Portable units are the easiest to install. All you have to do is to put water into it and commands the machine. The machine will start producing ice as soon as in six minutes. Their drainage system is also quite easy. You simply pour out the water or in some advanced model this melted water can be reused to make ice. Although very few models have this feature.

Large units like freestanding and under counter have a water tap to install the unit. There fore you require the plumber. For its drainage, there should drain your kitchen so that melted water can exit through that drain or if it not possible then you should have a drain pump for melted water to exit in your sink through that pump.

Is it expensive?

Price varies with the capacity and size of the model. Freestanding and under-counter needs big investment while portable units are low in price. Price can range from 200 dollars to 2000 dollars. One thing for sure you will get full value of your money.

What are the advantages of portable units? 

Portable units give you the freedom of taking the unit with you where ever you want. Because of their low weight and size you will able to carry it with you.

In contrast to under counter or freestanding style unit, they are big in size, and weight hence cannot move freely as portable units. Also, these large units can make only one type of ice, whereas portable ice makers have the flexibility to take three to four types of ice.


We have briefed you with all the pros and cons of all three types freestanding, portable and under counter ice makers. All the feature they have, their usage, installation and everything. No its up to you to choose your favourite one.