Heya Peeps!. Today I am going to tell you about our biggest invention so far which can change your kitchen with a very easy way, Yes! you people can buy crushed ice maker for your home, shops, at exclusive Discount offer… Like all appliances, the amount of electricity will differ between brands and models, as well as how you are using our machine and the frequency you clean it. Whether you want to take mental agony by saving your money or quality product is your priority. It all depends upon you, what you choose.

1ST BEST CHOICE 1ST BEST CHOICE Portable Crushed Ice Maker
  • Weight:37 pounds
  • Dimensions:9.5 x 14 x 12inches
  • Rating:4.85/5
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2ND BEST CHOICE 2ND BEST CHOICE Countertop/Tabletop Crushed Ice Maker
  • Weight:44 pounds
  • Dimensions:16 x 6.8 x 6.7 inches
  • Rating:4.65/5
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3RD BEST CHOICE 3RD BEST CHOICE Under Counter Crushed ice maker
  • Weight:120 pounds
  • Dimensions:18 x 15 x 22inches
  • Rating:4.5/5
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4TH BEST CHOICE 4TH BEST CHOICE Residential Crushed Ice maker
  • Weight:148 pounds
  • Dimensions:18 x 17 x 23.5inches
  • Rating:4.5/5
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5TH BEST CHOICE 5TH BEST CHOICE Refrigerator with Crushed Ice Maker
  • Weight:380 pounds
  • Dimensions:36.25 x 35.75 x 69 inches
  • Rating:4.25/5
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6TH BEST CHOICE 6TH BEST CHOICE Commercial Crushed Ice Maker
  • Weight:244 pounds
  • Dimensions:16.5x 13.6×16.8inches
  • Rating:4.25/5
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7TH BEST CHOICE 7TH BEST CHOICE Mini / Small Crushed Ice Maker
  • Weight:45 pounds
  • Dimensions:16 x 6.8 x 6.7 inches
  • Rating:4.5/5
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Ice maker is machine of daily use. People prefer to install such appliances in the home which are free from electricity risks. Sometimes, motor winding is not made of good quality wire which results in tiresome and annoying day. But our portable crushed ice maker guarantees reliability and efficiency.

1.Portable Crushed Ice Maker:

Portable Crushed Ice Maker

For For more! Portable ice makers are not known to be very energy efficient, but we will assure you; this one will be. If you are planning a party with your friends whether at home or at some sort of tourist place like beach or mansion, then having a drink without crushed ice can cause a big trouble. Then it is the time you should choose for portable crushed ice maker that can finish the work quicker and perfectly. Everybody wants to make its party more glamorous, colorful, and without anything missed. Nobody wants letdown in celebrating party.

Best Features

  • Large ice bin:
  • Durable motor and stainless steel blades
  • Glossy and Elegant

Large ice bin:

The ice bin can carry up to 15 cups of crushed ice; sufficient enough to serve the guests at party, event, or any celebration. The bin has see-through plastic so you can easily see how much ice it contains or if any impurity if it comes

Durable motor and stainless steel blades:

This ice crusher handles all ice cube sizes without any problem and thanks a lot to the durable motor and sharp stainless steel blades. You don’t have to pre-crush the ice before putting it in.  The machine can crush around 20.5 lbs. of ice in quarter hour. That’s enough for a large party at home, even for business like a bar or a restaurant.

Moreover, you’re now free from worry that your ice crusher’s blades catch rust.

Glossy and Elegant:

The silver coating combined with the see-through ice bin and the black base looks elegant and modern. Its sophisticated look can add beauty to your place. It’s a compact machine measuring just 9.5’’L x 14’’W x 12’’H. It takes up very little space in your car, or in store room or kitchen.

Pros Cons
✅ Transparent Ice Bin ⛔ For Small Events
✅ Mechanically improved ⛔ Thin sheet of Metal Covering cleaning
✅ Easy to carry and move  
✅ Budget friendly and economical  

Wrap Up:

If you are looking for a quiet and quick ice making machine, this portable model could be the right choice. This stylish model can travel with you on school trip or family trip on beach. It can be the best companion of your family.

Typical uses of this portable ice machines include RV trips, tailgating, boating, and camping so on. Make your moments more colorful with this portable crushed ice maker.

2.Countertop/Tabletop Crushed Ice Maker:

Countertop Tabletop Crushed Ice Maker

There’s nothing best than the ease of having something done automatically. That’s why electronic crushed ice makers are efficient and wonderful to have when making your favorite crushed ice commodities. This ice maker takes a little space on your counter. We present you the best countertop crushed ice maker of 2020.

This Premium Portable Counter-Top Ice Maker is an excellent portable ice maker that fulfills all your needs of an ice machine, without having to worry about reliability issues caused by additional cracking and whistles. It’s suitable for use both inside and outside


  • Powerful & Qucik
  • Smart Design and Working
  • Counter Top Size

Powerful & Quick :

This tiny robo can fill ice bucket just within 15 minutes. If you’re having it at your home, you’ll enjoy crushed and crunchy ice just like the ice you love from your favorite restaurant. If you have bought it for your restaurat, your customers will be satisfied from your quick service. The Counter top crushed ice maker produces 28 lbs of ice per day, and the bin holds 5 lbs t a time.

Smart Design and Working:

The sensors of this machine will make it stop when the ice bucket is full. With its elegant design, the tiny robo will wow your guests/customers before they even try the delicious ice. The electrically coated thin metal sheet makes it more charming and gives a stylish look.

Counter Top Size:

It measures at 16 x 6.8 x 6.7 inches – The picture-perfect size for any countertop in your home or restaurant.

Pros Cons
✅ Heavy Duty Motor ⛔ No water Inlet
✅ Feasible for both Home and Commercial use ⛔ High repair rates when run out of warranty
✅ Standard Size
✅ Electronic Sensors  
✅ All Stainless Steel Construction  

Wrap Up:

A top rated appliance of this year, capable of making ice in batches and provides ease in use. Tough body and durable motor are the positives about this ice machine. A remarkable design supported by transparent glass helps to observe the level of crushed ice.

3. Under counter crushed ice maker

Undercounter crushed ice maker

Do you want to serve your homecoming guests with the best tasting crushed ice, margaritas, appetizers, and cocktails quickly and efficiently? The Under counter ice maker is the perfect assistant and looks totally classic and unique as well.

This beautiful kitchen appliance is now again fascinating its users. This time, we’ve made a stunning stainless steel ice maker. If you have stainless steel appliances in your kitchen, then this is the perfect addition to your cabinetry.


  • Large space & size
  • Light Indicators
  • Neo mode

Large space & size

It has the capacity of 160 Lbs/72.5 kg daily water at 90/80°f. It also have a large ice bin. The size has been prepared by keeping in view the international standards. The size of this under-counter ice crusher is best fitted which is 30.8″ H x 18.5″ W x 21.6″ D.

Light Indicators

Light signals is newly added features which makes the user aware of whether the machine is working properly or not. Green light keeps blinking when the ice bin is full. Red light indicates that machine is not working due to technical default. Yellow light brightens when water tank has

Neo mode

Neo mode enables to produce more ice than ever before while using less water and energy. Although this mode uses electricity more than usual to produce more crushed in less time. This feature is useful to produce ice when you arrange a big party at venue.

Pros Cons
✅ Heavy duty motor ⛔ Expensive to buy
✅ Neo Mode-enabling the user to produce much in shorter period of time ⛔ High voltage machine
✅ Light indicators for assisting the mechanical status of working of machine ⛔ High repairing rates
✅ Large space and size for storing ice  

Wrap Up:

One of the smartest appliances of this year. This model comes to meet the needs of regular gatherings of friends or neighbors. Neo Mode boosts the production of ice. Light indicators assisting the operator to understand status of ice-making process inside machine.

4. Crushed Ice Maker for Home/ Residential Crushed Ice maker

Crushed Ice Maker for Home Residential Crushed Ice maker

Residential ice maker, also well-known as an under counter ice machine. This time Crushed ice maker for home has been devised with due diligence and engineered in a very delicate manner that its sleek look creates a charm in the eye.

Moreover, it takes up no floor or counter space in your living quarters, unlike commercial ice makers. These handy ice makers are particularly designed to build into the cabinetry of your kitchen. They do require a bit of transformation, but the putting in kitchen is worth the saved floor space.

If you’re planning on using your residential ice maker outside, then be a little more cautious in choosing a model that’s made exclusively for the outdoors and residential use.


  • One Touch Operation
  • Ice Thickness Controller
  • Ice and water Storage
  • Soft chewable ice

One Touch Operation

The machine is one touch operable.

1. Just plug the switch into switch.

2. Press ON/OFF touch button to turn the machine.

3. Auto shut off when ice bucket is full.

Ice Thickness Controller

Press “+” or “-” to control thickness of crushed ice. The adjusted thickness will take effect in the subsequent loop. The adjusted thickness is displayed through digital meter.

Ice and Water Storage

  • Water reservoir capacity: 2.5 liters
  • Ice production: 22 lbs of ice in 24 hours
  • Ice basket capacity: 1.7 lbs

Soft chewable ice

We call it Nugget ice. It is roughly the same soft ice you would get on hand ice crusher. The cubes/ nuggets are smaller and much softer than ordinary ice cubes. In your mouth, they feel very crunchy and are fun to chew.

Pros Cons
✅ Simple and easy to use and clean ⛔ Expensive repairing rates.
✅ A wide variety of ice crushing by manually adjusting the thickness ⛔ Not portable
✅ Price is accessible  

Wrap Up:

Under counter crushed ice maker are specially designed to fit under the shelves into your kitchen. These are best ice crusher to meet your daily home needs.

Just make sure you’re buying the right size and type of ice machine for your home. No doubt, it is a budget requiring but it creates charismatic look in the viewer’s eye.

5. Refrigerator with crushed ice maker

Certain ice dispensers are built into the freezer compartment of refrigerator that offer the option of crushed or cubed ice. This feature is only available in modern refrigerators.

How it Works?

  1. After unpacking of your refrigerator, there is long pipe (almost 4.5m long) in separate packing. This pipe is connected with refrigerator for water-supply.
  2. The water container is always full of water and at the same time, the ice bucket is too.
  3. There is a push button on the freezer door. Pushing this button causes the ice fall into your glass.
  4. The size of ice depends upon the digitally adjusted size.


  • Ice Making
  • Crushed Ice
  • Ice Cubes
  • Digital and touch options


Ice Making

This ice maker can produce up to 30 lbs of ice per day and holds 1.5 lbs in its heat insulated bin. While it may seem slightly more amusing that this ice machine also have the feature to produce desired ice cube size. The quality of ice production makes it excellent and consistent.

This is one of the fastest ice makers around at this price. This can make a serving of ice every 30 seconds minutes.​

Crushed Ice

Crushed Ice makes the things cooler more quickly. It chills a drink more rapidly, though the drink will also get watery more quickly. It is very easy to stir the liquid in the glass.

The only time when you need crushed ice when you are making fruity summertime drinks because you want to make the drink frosty as much as possible which ultimately develops the taste.

This refrigerator with the feature of producing ice of different styles has the ability to chill your drink. Just change the mode to crushed ice maker and put the glass under the hole. The crushed ice will start falling just within 5 seconds.

Ice Cubes

Just tap the option of “Ice Cubes” on water dispenser. The dispenser shall start making ice cubes on your tap.

Digital and touch options

Dispenser is operable on finger touch. Crushed Ice or Ice cube is now available in your kitchen at a distance one finger touch. Even the temperature of freezing compartment and refrigerator can be adjusted digitally.

We give 12 year guarantee for dispenser if any technical or software error appears. If problem is unrepairable, manufacturer is responsible for replacing the refrigerator. The expenses of transporting the product back to store shall be payable by the store-keeper.

Pros Cons
✅ Built in system inside refrigerator ⛔ Only for home use
✅ No separate space required ⛔ High Repairing rates
✅ Elegant look enhancing the look of your kitchen
✅ Operable on human touch
✅ Crushed ice and Ice Cubes  

Wrap Up:

Built-in ice crushing function in a refrigerator is a type of advancement in field kitchen appliances. Unlike crushed ice maker for home which requires space, takes no space in your kitchen.

Moreover, it is an updated appliance i.e. can be operated with human touch and can produce crushed ice and ice cubes both.

6. Commercial Crushed Ice Maker

Commercial Crushed Ice Maker

Ice makers and Crushed ice maker, in particular, are now trending as a source of business. People are using it for purpose of money-making. These machine are chiefly made for production of crushed ice, unlike smart-refrigerators where the ice maker is a part of the refrigerator. Talking about ice makers, there are many variants and models of crushed ice makers.

Do you face shortage of ice in your hotel, restaurant, casino, bar or ice-cream van or shop? It is really panicked situation for a manager or business owner when his customers are awaiting. Using traditional methods like storing ice bags in freezers is not gonna help you.

This technic of storing creates hygienic problems. The best thing, if you care about your customers, is to make fresh ice from fresh water. It will not only increase your production rate but also upgrade your production quality.


  • Compact Size and design
  • Quick details
  • Non-Slip Legs
  • Large ice bucket
  • Easy operation
  • Low Noise

Compact Size and design

  • Length: 16.5”
  • width: 13.6”
  • Height: 16.8”

The design and size of this machine is made with great care that it takes minimum space as much as possible. The design is eye-catching that it is covered by a thin aluminum coated sheet with transparent plastic lid that covers the ice bucket.

Non-Slip Legs

The base of the ice crusher stands over tetra non-slip legs to provide a firm grip on all kinds of floors. Moreover, a thin rubber is fitted with legs of base. The non-slip legs are especially helpful for smooth surfaces like marble or tile floors.

Large ice bucket

The motor has high capacity production. The large capacity is handy when your hotel or restaurant is packed with customers or have to manage the event. The average production rate is 66 kg in 24 hours. The ice bucket is needed to be emptied after every 12 kg for next loop ice.

Easy operation

Just because it is a commercial ice maker doesn’t mean that it’s difficult to use. In fact, it has one touch operating system. Water source is already connected through water inlet.

Just fill the water container and tap the ON/OFF. The machine has been upgraded with the addition of Digital Timer. It tells how much time is left to get the ice bucket ready.

Low Noise

Noise of appliances or machinery at business is one the important factors that are taken into consideration. No compromises should be made over crackling machines.

Heat Fan and motor has been fitted mechanically in such a way that reduces the rattling and annoying noises. Noise level is at its minimum level during ice making process.

Pros Cons
✅ Sleek Design ⛔ High Repairing Rates
✅ Durable Motor ⛔ Not for home purpose
✅ Aluminum Body
✅ Digital Timery

Wrap Up:

In short, this ice crusher is specially designed for the production at a larger scale. This machine will pay you back its price within months. Persons who are running business like ice corner or restaurants, have the best option available to choose this as a best choice of 2020.

7. Mini / Small Crushed Ice Maker:

Mini Small Crushed Ice Maker

Though it is small, It can meet the needs of a family. Going out for a long trip with your friends and looking for an ice crusher that can serve your 4-6 friends at a time, this one will do. The bin holds about 6 cups of crushed ice, which is actually a lot for a crusher of its size.

With batteries, this ice crusher can easily be taken anywhere, even outdoors on a picnic. Sometimes, when you transport an appliance to a party at school, work or church, there is a shortage of electrical outlets.


  • Compact Body
  • Stainless steel blades
  • 6 cup Ice Bin
  • Portable

Compact Body

Compact kitchen appliances always fit best and chosen especially for those of us with limited space to spare in kitchen or cabinetry.

Stainless steel blades

The sharp blades can handle the ice cubes very easily. The Steel blades makes the machine working for longer period of time without uneasiness of repairing and don’t require cleaning.

6 cup Ice Bin

The transparent plastic ice bin can hold upto 6 cups of crushed ice. This quantity of ice is much more than the size of this compact device.


Because of its small size, this small crushed ice maker can travel with you on a trip, either with friends or on a special event.

Pros Cons
✅ Automatic and chips ice speedily ⛔ Not for Big Events
✅ Suction Base for a strong grip ⛔ Plastic Body
✅ Easy to Clean

Wrap Up:

This Crushed Ice Maker Machine is handy for family or friends gatherings. Sometimes referred as Residential / Small / Portable crushed ice maker, has the ability to serve your guests quickly.

Due to its speedy working, it is the best recommended portable crushed ice maker for residential purpose.


Designing your kitchen or planning to start the business? At first, you should consider some influencing factors that can fulfill your home needs or can boost your business earning.

When you have made your mind to buy crushed ice maker machine, there is a need of putting your little bit of more mental effort and time to prepare a road map.

Otherwise, your investment of money, mental effort and time, all are going to waste. Because one day, your ambitious decision either for home or business will turn into junking that ice maker.

So, keep yourself away from unwanted confusions and stress of what to choose and what not to choose? Before moving towards shop for purchase, consider the following factors:

  • Need (For what purpose, a need arose for purchase)
  • Size (How much space is available?)
  • Price (How much budget do you have?)
  • Production Capacity (Factors like production speed and production level)
  • Durability
  • Type of Ice (i.e. what type of ice is required)


Buying a crushed ice maker for home? If you have big social gatherings of friends or relatives occasionally at your home, then a medium sized ice crusher is enough to meet to daily family needs or gatherings.

Portable crushed ice makers are on the top of list in this regard. Sometimes, the party that you have arranged may be outside in open environment.

Under-counter ice crushers are not recommended because they are heavy weight and cannot be moved to the place where your occasional destinations are at. For example, if you have bought an under-counter crushed ice maker for your home and you arranged a party the very next day on the upper storey of house.

But your under-counter crusher is fixed at ground level in your kitchen. Probably, the party for you will turn into fret.


There may two possibilities in this regard:

1. Measuring the size before construction. 2. Measuring the space, if you have accomplished your construction.

Measuring the size before construction:

If you’re at the stage of constructing or designing your kitchen or business place, then do a little effort. Go for online research or visit your near electronic store.

Select the ice crusher according the Need and take the size (Length, Width & Height). So that you can leave an appropriate space which is required by ice crusher. Your architect can suggest you in the best way possible!

Measuring the space, if you have accomplished your construction

If you have completed your construction, No worries. Ice crushers available in market have variety in sizes. You just have to be cautious about size required for your home or business kitchen or counter.


One of the most important determining factor is also the budget of purchaser. Sometimes people, who are initiating their business or making their home for the very first time, tend to buy the good things in economical price range.

Unfortunately, a mindset with such ideas proves to be wrong at the last day. The most handsome approach in this regard is, “Spend money on trusted brands”.

If you’re going to spend money over local products, this idea may not be useful. Online research will help you a lot to get know about the statistics price in market. Other factors like durability, production capacity, intelligent water use and modern technology used, also upraise the price of machine. Modern technology like digital time counter, touch system, Bluetooth operating system are being now introduced for the sake of easiness to use.

Production Capacity:

Obviously starting business, will require greater production capacity. This target can be achieved by purchasing a commercial crushed ice maker. So that, you don’t face the problem of running out ice and have your crushed-ice related products readily to be served to your customers.

This will help you a lot to enhance the standard and quality of your business. But, sometimes managers and business owners compromise over this factor and prefer the storing technique. This may affect hygienic standards and also quality of your restaurants.

Compromising over this factor means you’re compromising over your business indirectly.


Making the ice cube from is quite hard. The whole process is dependent on working of motor. Some local and international brands give replacement warranty for their products. It’s a positive side and also helps the buyer to choose the most durable crushed ice maker.

The best way to assess the durability is to read the online reviews whether buying for home or for commercial use. If the reviews reflects low rating of the product, never go for such product. If the users are appreciating and have positive feedback, this might be really helpful and trustworthy source to rely.

Type of Ice:

Some crushed ice makers let you choose different type of ice. This multi-function is helpful to fulfill your according to circumstance. There are different type of ice.

Super Cube Ice:

Such ice is particularly used in restaurants, casinos, clubs and pubs. This type of ice have slowest melting rate and is used for chilling the ambient drinks. This ice has reduced dilution effect.

Dice Ice:

This shape of ice cubes have maximum water displacement. Such cubes are used mostly as compared to other types. Due to its soft texture, it blends quickly to make the liquid chilled.

Nugget Ice

Nugget Ice machines are perfect for busy restaurants, bar and clubs because it can be prepared quickly by machines as compared to other types. This ice also have slow melting rate.

Crushed Ice

Crushed ice has more surface area than cube or nugget ice. This ice is used to prepare fizzy drinks, cocktails, snow-cones and other delicious icy cones. This ice although chills the drink quickly but also makes your drink watery because of its fast melting rate.


Well! Portable ice makers are the best. They are now coming with elegant designs and modern technologies like LED indicator, Bluetooth system. These things are making the machines easy to operate.

As far as commercial ice makers are concerned, two leading factors must be taken into consideration. First is production capacity and other is durability supported by such mechanical design so as to have minimum rattling sound.

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